About me

Marina Tereshkina

Marina Tereshkina was born in 1982 in Russia.  From the age of 6 she was engaged in a children's art studio.  She graduated from the Tyumen Gymnasium No. 1 specialized architectural class. She continued her education at the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Art (Yekaterinburg)  at the Faculty of Industrial Design.  Her projects were awarded diplomas at student competitions.  She worked in Moscow for 20 years as a graphic designer.  In graphics, he prefers the genres of landscape and animalistics.  Lives and works in Moscow.

Member of International Federation of Artists & national Artist's Union of Russian


1999-2003, UGAHA, Faculty of Industrial Design, Yekaterinburg Russia

Personal exhibitions: 

2019 г.    «Ramenskoye in pen graphics», Ramenskoye Historical and Art Museum, Ramenskoye, Russia



2022 г.     INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION PROJECT «i AM RUSSIA», gallery «Tushino», Museum of russian culture, Moscow, Russia

2022 г.     INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION PROJECT «New Babylon»,  gallery «Tushino», Moscow, Russia

2021 г.    «Human Nature», online exhibition «Colors of Humanity Art Gallery», USA
2021 г.    «Voices of nature», Ramenskoye Historical and Art Museum, Ramenskoe, Russia
2016 г.    «Still life in the works of Ramensky artists», Ramenskoye Historical and Art Museum, Ramenskoye, Russia
2015 г.    «Factory as a city-forming enterprise of the city», Ramenskoye Historical and Art Museum, Ramenskoye, Russi